Laura the Space Traveller

Join the journey of intergalactic travellers as they explore unknown worlds in the universe.

Laura had always been fascinated with the mysteries of outer space. She had traveled to countless planets, exploring the vastness of the universe and encountering new life forms along the way. But when she set her sights on Earth, she was in for a real surprise.


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As soon as she landed on the planet, she was taken aback by the sheer beauty and diversity of the world before her. From the towering mountains to the crystal-clear oceans, Laura was completely enamored with Earth.

But it wasn’t just the natural wonders that captivated her. She also encountered the people of Earth, with their rich cultures, traditions, and languages. She spent time with different communities, learning about their ways of life and immersing herself in their customs.

As she prepared to leave Earth, Laura realized that this was one of the most memorable experiences of her travels. She had discovered a new sense of wonder and appreciation for the incredible planet that we call home. And as she soared back into the vastness of space, she knew that she would never forget her visit to planet Earth.

As Laura continued her travels on Earth, she found herself encountering the people of the planet more frequently. But as she interacted with them, she began to feel something different. Unlike the welcoming embrace of the other life forms she had encountered in the universe, she felt a sense of unease and low frequencies emanating from the human beings she encountered.

She soon realized that this was because humans are not able to fully control their emotions and thoughts. This lack of control caused them to feel separated and alone, leading to fear and anxiety that manifested in their interactions with each other and with Laura.

Despite this, Laura continued to explore and learn about the people of Earth. She observed their cold and heartless structures, driven by fear and a need for control. She saw the impact this had on their planet and their own well-being, and she couldn’t help but feel saddened by it all.

But as she prepared to leave Earth, she knew that her encounter with humans had taught her an important lesson. She understood that while fear and separation can drive people to build walls around themselves, it is only through love and connection that we can truly thrive and reach our full potential.

With this new understanding, Laura left Earth with a sense of hope for the future. She knew that, despite the challenges facing the people of Earth, there was always the potential for growth and transformation, and that the power of love and connection could lead them towards a brighter tomorrow.