Spacepunk Couples #3

Join the journey of intergalactic soulmates as they explore unknown worlds in the universe.

Experience love in the future with the Spacepunk Couples NFT Collection by artist #verNation. Immerse yourself in a world of cyberpunk flair and colorful illustrations as you collect unique digital couples on the OpenSea marketplace.


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#3 Stara & Lys | Get NFT via Opensea

Together, Stara and Lys traveled the galaxy, exploring new worlds and discovering new civilizations. They were a perfect match, each one complementing the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Stara was an expert in the ancient arts of magic, passed down from her mother’s family, while Lys was a skilled spacepilot, able to navigate the treacherous depths of the universe with ease.

Their travels brought them to Arkynum, a mysterious world ruled by a powerful sorceress. The sorceress was intrigued by Stara’s abilities and offered her a position as her right-hand, but Stara politely declined, not wanting to be tied down to one place.

As they continued on their journey, Stara and Lys encountered many challenges, but they always faced them together, using their combined strength to overcome each obstacle. Their love for each other only grew stronger with each passing day, and soon they were known throughout the galaxy as the legendary spacepunk couple.

One day, they arrived at Valtoryx, a planet controlled by a cruel dictator who sought to enslave all those who crossed his path. Stara and Lys banded together with the rebel forces, using their skills and courage to defeat the dictator and restore freedom to the people of Valtorix.

After their victory, Stara and Lys were hailed as heroes and offered the throne, but they declined, choosing instead to continue their travels and spread love and hope throughout the galaxy. They eventually returned to Elorithrym, where they were greeted as legends and their story was passed down through the generations as a symbol of true love and bravery.

And so, Stara and Lys remained together, exploring the endless possibilities of the universe, forever bonded by their love and their quest for adventure.

#1 Meet Mum and Dad, the first couple of the Spacepunk Couples NFT collection.
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#2 Meet Vexa & Jax
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