Spacepunk Couples #2

Join the journey of intergalactic soulmates as they explore unknown worlds in the universe.

Experience love in the future with the Spacepunk Couples NFT Collection by artist #verNation. Immerse yourself in a world of cyberpunk flair and colorful illustrations as you collect unique digital couples on the OpenSea marketplace.


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#2 Vexa & Jax | Get NFT via Opensea

Jax, the son of Mum and Dad, embarked on a journey to find love in the vast universe. He found his match in Vexa, daughter of the highest priest of the planet Elorithrym. Jax, determined to prove his love, uploaded the entire history of the planet to better understand Vexa and her culture. Their love was strong enough to survive the challenges of intergalactic travel and they were married when Jax was just 21. This dynamic duo is now available as an NFT in the Spacepunk Couples collection, now on OpenSea.

Meet Mum and Dad, the first couple of the Spacepunk Couples NFT collection.
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