►► verNation is the solo project of multi-faceted Austrian artist Werner Posekany.
It is a soul full of music and images.

A fascinating mixture of retro soul & pop meets electro, coated with the artist’s crystal-clear voice. Downtempo and chill out fans could fall in love with it.

► „Fame and fortune“
is verNation’s second single.

It speaks about moments of darkness, a condition where the pain is so overwhelming that it becomes surreal and how pure fear punishes the souls of the believers. At least there is always a little light coming through. 

verNation is music for pictures and movies, building spaces for imagination.  

It is a retro soul song, which could be considered synth pop as a result of its dark and heavy synthesis.

„Fame and fortune“ is intimate, pure and extremely honest, it’s played from the heart of a bunch of great artists and mixed with a whole lot of love and joy.

Lyrics: verNation
Music: verNation | Alvis Reid
Produced by Alvis Reid & verNation
Mastered by Martin Scheer
Label: Ahnkl Records
Coverart: verNation

Drums: Aaron Ofner
Bass: Alvis Reid
Guitar: Manfred Temmel
Synthesizer: Werner Posekany
Keyboards & Loops: Alvis Reid
All Vocals: verNation